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  • Plagiarism Checker X 7
    Plagiarism Checker X

    Use the program to ensure your delivered content has not been copied from another source

  • Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.12
    Desktop Plagiarism Checker

    Make sure that the work you submit or the post you blog is not copied

  • Totally Free Teacher Tools
    Totally Free Teacher Tools

    No charge applications and software for instructors and educators

  • Viper 1.5.00

    Free anti-plagiarism software for teachers and other professionals to review texts and check for plagiarism

  • WinFlash 9.1

    A powerful multimedia tool that aids in mastering study material

  • Teachers Report Assistant 5.3
    Teachers Report Assistant

    Ray Le Couteur's original academic assistant for instructors featuring functionality on Windows XP and earlier

  • Gigi-Free plagiarism checker for students 1
    Gigi-Free plagiarism checker for students

    Never fail a paper for plagiarism again, with this unique and lightweight plagiarism checker

  • Wondershare QuizCreator 4.0
    Wondershare QuizCreator

    Application for making a variety of different surveys

  • Macromedia Authorware 7
    Macromedia Authorware

    Software that creates e-learning programs for educational, corporate or private use

  • GroupDynamics 1.0.1

    A Windows application that allows you to process information for sociometric tests