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  • SimCity 4
    SimCity 4

    Build your own city and import your characters in this installation of the popular game

  • Age of Mythology extended-edition
    Age of Mythology

    A real-time strategy video game drawing elements from Egyptian, Greek and Norse mythology

  • Warcraft III Reforged 1.32
    Warcraft III Reforged

    This is a comprehensive expansion pack for the popular real-time strategy game set in Azeroth

  • Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals
    Zoo Tycoon 2

    Fun and challenging zoo building game with many features

  • Train Simulator 2017
    Train Simulator 2017

    Game that puts players in the role of a train driver whose goal is to get passengers to their destinations

  • Age of Empires II HD 1.0
    Age of Empires II HD

    Age of Empires 2 HD is a fully high-definition remaster of the classic civilization-building game

  • Angry Birds Space for Windows 8
    Angry Birds Space for Windows 8

    The birds conquer the galaxy in this fun and addicting game

  • Uplink 1.5.4

    Exciting game based on a premise of shooting, intrigue and adventure

  • Rome: Total War demo
    Rome: Total War

    Real time strategy game set during the Roman Republic/Empire era

  • Company of Heroes Demo
    Company of Heroes

    An award-winning real-time strategy video game set during World War II