Windows > Productivity software
  • AS SSD Benchmark 2.0.7316.34247
    AS SSD Benchmark

    Program designed to test solid-state drives in a PC or smart device and diagnose problems

  • ThrottleStop 9.2

    An application that allows users to monitor, throttle and or increase their CPU speed and performance

  • Rufus 3.13

    A software that allows users to create a bootable USB flash drives

  • Microsoft To-Do 2.14.3872
    Microsoft To-Do

    Cloud synced to-do list app from Microsoft available on iOS, Android, and Windows

  • Windows Phone app for desktop 1.0.1720.1
    Windows Phone app for desktop

    App to sync your windows phone to your desktop computer saving and managing important files

  • Scrap Mechanic 0.4.7
    Scrap Mechanic

    Become a robotic mechanic and create machines from scrap parts in a three-dimensional, multiplayer environment

  • Chrome Cleanup Tool 23.131.2
    Chrome Cleanup Tool

    An application that cleans up malware, spyware and adware appearing in Chrome

  • Xournal

    A free journal and productivity application for Windows

  • FastCopy 3.92

    A unique and streamlined file management tool for the quick copying and sharing of files

  • Trello for Windows 10
    Trello for Windows 10

    Utilizes the power of Kanban boards to smooth workflow planning within or between project teams