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  • eToDo Notes 2.8.2
    eToDo Notes

    eTodo Notes is the electronic version of sticky notes on the screen (Post-it) managed in an innovative way

  • es-Builder 2.2.14

    Manage all your information from one place

  • Efficient Sticky Notes 1.67.96
    Efficient Sticky Notes

    Make notes on the desktop of important dates and activities

  • doogiePIM 1.0.2016.87

    Encrypted and locally stored database with customisable sections; tasks, adblock browser, password vault, journals, email

  • Crawler Notes
    Crawler Notes

    Organize your life with virtual sticky notes

  • Alive Task Manager
  • YouMemo 4.821.1445

    Write notes and memos on your touch-screen computer

  • Weekdone

    A simple way to manage your team week by week

  • TodoPlus (Windows edition) 1.62
    TodoPlus (Windows edition)

    Organize your large to-do lists the easy way. This includes project management, goal setting and task prioritizing

  • ThinkingRock 2.2.1

    Organize your life with the GTD method