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  • Free Medical Dictionary 1.0
    Free Medical Dictionary

    Extensive medical dictionary that is ideal for students or professionals

  • NVDA 2016.2.1

    Disability accommodation software possessing comprehensive voice libraries to read content for visually impaired PC users

  • CRON-O-Meter 2.3.5

    A full version program for iphone

  • eViacam 2.1.0

    Head Gestures as Cursor

  • Free DICOM Viewer 1
    Free DICOM Viewer

    An inexpensive and simple solution to view DICOM data which is the standard for sharing medical information

  • EyeDefender 1.09

    Windows ME vision protection software devised by Eterlab to shield our eyes from long-term damage

  • Ovulation Calendar 0.0.16
    Ovulation Calendar

    Track your cycle with precision month after month

  • BMI Calculator 1
    BMI Calculator

    Calculator for accurately finding your body mass index

  • Fitbit

    Keep full track of your health and activity level from your phone with this program

  • Crosstrainer 7.5 fitness software 7
    Crosstrainer 7.5 fitness software

    Track all aspects and elements of your fitness, health, nutriton,and diet with crosstrainer fitness softwares latest Version