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  • SPSS 26

    One of the best data and research management tools available

  • Scratch 2 Offline Editor 450
    Scratch 2 Offline Editor

    Kids play games and use animation tools

  • DJ Music Mixer 8.5
    DJ Music Mixer

    Mix elements from different songs or beat patterns to create a customized tune to hear

  • WebEx Player 2.1
    WebEx Player

    Media player that supports numerous formats and includes a sharing feature

  • CmapTools 6.04

    An intuitive tool that allows users to create fully customizable concept maps and share with their peers

  • Minitab 15

    Statistical program with many tools for data analysis and visualization

  • Essential Anatomy 3.0
    Essential Anatomy

    3D models and view modes for different body parts are featured in this software

  • Wikipedia for Windows 8
    Wikipedia for Windows 8

    Dedicated Windows app for browsing everything Wikipedia has to offer

  • Listen N Write Free
    Listen N Write Free

    Free tool that transcribes audio files to text