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  • All-in-One Voice Changer 1.5
    All-in-One Voice Changer

    A fun and easy application that allows users to change, record and stream their voice

  • SpeedConnect Connection Tester
    SpeedConnect Connection Tester

    Software tool that easily finds out your throughput rate

  • MobileVOIP for Windows 8
    MobileVOIP for Windows 8

    Talk to family and business partners around the world

  • Connectivity Fixer 2
    Connectivity Fixer

    Fixing your faulty Internet connection made easy with this software

  • MobileVOIP for Windows 10
    MobileVOIP for Windows 10

    A free VOIP application for Windows 10 with a minimal user interface and lower rates

  • MX Skype Recorder 4.4.0
    MX Skype Recorder

    Record video chats and conversations you have over the calling service

  • Amy 2.1.3

    Answering machine and contact management service for Skype that works just like traditional voicemail

  • WiFi SiStr 1.0.2678.17860
    WiFi SiStr

    Quantify all wireless networks' browsing and download speeds

  • Gizmo5

    Defunct VoIP network and soft phone

  • KNCTR 2.0.1745.0

    A malware program that claims to provide free phone service