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  • Netflix for Chrome
    Netflix for Chrome

    Stream your favorite made for reality shows, TV shows and films on the media service

  • Google Sheets for Chrome 1.2
    Google Sheets for Chrome

    Free and easy-to-use spreadsheet productivity solution that can be accessed from the web browser

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser 4.0
    Respondus Lockdown Browser

    An anti-cheating browser

  • Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome 1.0
    Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome

    A small yet quite powerful Chrome extension that gives you a capable media player

  • PowerPoint Online varies-with-device
    PowerPoint Online

    Free application that creates slideshow presentations that can be accessed across multiple devices

  • Opera GX 67.0.3575.105
    Opera GX

    This Windows program takes the Operate browser to the next level by including many more features and optimizations

  • Multiple Tools for Facebook 8.2
    Multiple Tools for Facebook

    This browser add-on gives you a lot of different tools and options that you can use for Facebook

  • Hoxx VPN Proxy 0.5.5
    Hoxx VPN Proxy

    Hide an IP address via a VPN to explore websites in non-local regions in Chrome

  • Toolkit For Facebook varies-with-device
    Toolkit For Facebook

    Chrome extension that allows you to unfollow friends, delete comments and reject friend requests at once

  • Padlet varies-with-device

    A browser extension that functions like its own personal social networking hub for Chrome