Mac > Multimedia > Photography
  • Adobe Photoshop 21.1.2
    Adobe Photoshop

    Edit personal pictures and images found online with a variety of tools

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
    Adobe Illustrator

    Tool used for drawing and adding fine details to projects

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2019
    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Tools for creating images with various fonts and design tools

  • Aperture 3.6

    Enhance images with a variety of tools for better colors and sharper lines

  • iResize 3.2.5

    Change the size of images that are in any format

  • Adobe Camera Raw 7.4
    Adobe Camera Raw

    Tools for editing pictures with a real-time view before saving or publishing

  • Xee 2.2

    Search through and manage all of the images that are stored

  • Spore

    Design a universe and characters for solo play or with other people

  • Adobe Fireworks CS6 12.0
    Adobe Fireworks

    Design and edit images for websites that are shared

  • ImageJ 1.53

    Tools for calculating pixel values and the area of images