Mac > Education & Reference > Languages & Translation
  • Anki 2.1.26

    A foreign language learning tool that takes a new approach to the traditional flashcard technique

  • Universal Translator 2.0.1
    Universal Translator

    A free and lightweight software program that provides instant translations between various languages

  • Tux Typing 1.5.17
    Tux Typing

    A typing game that's designed to teach kids how to type faster and features a penguin mascot

  • ProVoc 4.2.4

    Arizona Software's educational utility designed to efficiently teach users basic vocabulary terms in various languages

  • Rhyme Genie 3.3
    Rhyme Genie

    Auto suggester for words that rhyme

  • GhostReader 1.6.6

    Text to speech made easy

  • Easy Translator 8.2
    Easy Translator

    This program can translate up to 58 different languages just by entering the text and selecting the language

  • Ultralingua Dictionary English-French 6.0.2
    Ultralingua Dictionary

    An excellent English-French-English dictionary

  • Ultralingua Dictionary 7.3.2
    Ultralingua Dictionary

    Translate from English to Spanish and vice versa

  • TranslateIt! 14.1

    A program that works as a dictionary hub, allowing users to add their own dictionaries