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  • Unity Web Player 5.0.1
    Unity Web Player

    A plug-in for the popular gaming engine that lets you play Unity games right through your browser

  • Netscape Navigator
    Netscape Navigator

    A web browser built by AOL that has a lot in common with Mozilla Firefox

  • Firefox 3 3.6.23
    Firefox 3

    Browse the web more efficiently than ever using this handy Safari alternative

  • Greasemonkey 4.10

    Tweak all of your favorite websites to your specifications, and save your preferences for each individually

  • FoxyProxy 2.18.1

    Surf the web in privacy and confidence with this handy Firefox extension

  • Opera Neon varies-with-device
    Opera Neon

    Built off of the existing Opera framework, this conceptual browser is proof of concept for a host of cutting edge features

  • Stainless 0.7.5

    Ultra lightweight web browser by Mesa Dynamics featuring isolated tabs and parallel sessions for speediness

  • Safari Tab Reloader 1.0
    Safari Tab Reloader

    An extension that will automate the process of keeping the tabs in your browser constantly reloaded

  • Zotero 2.1.8

    A Firefox add-on used for managing library resources which simplifies the process of annotating research papers

  • Shiira 2.2

    Free trial version of a fast internet browser with unique customization capabilities and modding options