Mac > Browsers
  • Google Chrome Dev 57.0.2987.13
    Google Chrome Dev

    Test the features on a platform that is fast and secure

  • S3 browser 1.1
    S3 browser

    Allows for uploading and managing files in a secure manner

  • Adobe Shockwave Player r615 11.5.9
    Adobe Shockwave Player

    Allows for playing games and videos online

  • Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Update 14 1.6.0-43
    Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.6

    Update to the most current version of Java for Snow Leopard OS X 10.6

  • Yandex.Browser 14.5

    A Chromium-based web browser for Macs developed by the Russian search engine Yandex

  • Fluid 1.2

    Access all of your favorite browser apps and add-ons directly from your desktop

  • Safari AdBlock 2.36.2
    Safari AdBlock

    An advertisement blocking tool built to work exclusively with the popular Safari web browser for macOS.

  • FireBug 1.8.3

    Debugging software for Macs that helps developers create web apps in Firefox browsers

  • Adblock Pro (Chrome) 3.5
    Adblock Pro

    A professional and modern utility for blocking unnecessary advertisements in your browser while on the web

  • OmniWeb 5.11

    An alternative web browser for Mac OS X that supports Safari Webkit