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  • NewsHunt APK 16.1.2
    NewsHunt APK

    Connect to the world's latest happenings in 15 different languages with real-time updates via Android

  • TopBuzz APK
    TopBuzz APK

    Create your own personal newsfeed with this app that compiles news from your favorite sources

  • Flipboard 4.2.43

    A media collection app that combines RSS subscriptions and other online accounts into an easy-to-read magazine article interface 

  • Google News & Weather APK
    Google News & Weather APK

    Personalized news and weather with comprehensive coverage, easy swiping between categories and manageable sections

  • The Voice Official App APK 3.7.0
    The Voice Official App APK

    Sit in the famous chair and build a fantasy team

  • News Republic
    News Republic

    Tailor your news with this excellent app

  • PS4 Remote Play APK 2.8.0
    PS4 Remote Play APK

    Access your console and play games through your mobile device

  • TV TAP PLUS 1.3

    Bring all of your favorite television shows and movies directly to your mobile device

  • TV TAP APK 1.3

    Watch television in a brand new way using this independently sourced live-streaming app for Android

  • TuCine APK 1.1
    TuCine APK

    Browse The Cinema From The Palm Of Your Hand