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  • Pinterest

    Desktop interface that syncs files with an online account

  • Opera Mini PC Runner 8.0
    Opera Mini PC Runner

    A browser that is fast, secure and easy to use on window devices

  • Facebook Fast Delete Messages (Chrome) 0.3
    Facebook Fast Delete Messages

    This free application lets you perform targeted, algorithm-free deletions of any and all private messages

  • MyPublicWiFi 22.2

    Makes your laptop or computer a hotspot, or wireless access point

  • AOL 9.6

    Stable desktop version that provides features to enhance browsing

  • TweetDeck 3.7.3

    Tweet tracking software that keeps track of your Twitter profiles without opening the web page

  • Adblock for Youtube (Chrome) 1.8
    Adblock for Youtube

    Blocks annoying ads on Youtube making it easier to load videos and watch them without interference

  • Who Deleted Me on Facebook
    Who Deleted Me on Facebook

    Program designed to identify Facebook users that have recently deleted the searcher from their friends list

  • CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus)

    Web browser based on another popular browser but with added features

  • Timeline Remove (Chrome)
    Timeline Remove

    Get rid of that annoying timeline with this safe application