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  • Typing Test TQ 6.3
    Typing Test TQ

    Provides a free typing test to gauge typing speeds as well as a free typing tutor to help users improve

  • MaxType Typing Tutor Lite 1.6.11
    MaxType Typing Tutor

    Software with typing exercises and tests to help people improve their skills

  • Type Speed Test for Windows 8 Suchit Goyal
    Type Speed Test for Windows 8

    Assessment software developed by Suchit Goyal to help users accurately measure typing accuracy and speed

  • MecaNet 20.08.14

    An intuitive program to improve typing technique

  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor 3.71
    Letter Chase Typing Tutor

    Learn to type on a standard keyboard or get a refresher course to hone your skills

  • Mika's Touch Type Trainer 2.02
    Mika's Touch Type Trainer

    Learn to touch type for free with Japan's most popular software

  • GS Typing Tutor 2.99
    GS Typing Tutor

    A simple and easy application that teachers users the essentials of keyboard typing through fun and unique typing games

  • Test Generator 5.2
    Test Generator

    Test Paper Generator is a product from experts in software producers for education sector

  • Master Key 5.6
    Master Key

    Key generating software for remote access buildings

  • Type Speed Test for Windows 10
    Type Speed Test for Windows 10

    A Free Science & education program for Windows