Windows > Software utilities > Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer
  • DeskPins 1.30

    Pin multiple windows on the desktop with this cool application

  • Brutus 2004

    A great password-cracking tool from 2006 and offered for free

  • Start Menu 10 5.80
    Start Menu 10

    An alternative for the default Windows start menu that is highly customizable and easy to install

  • RocketDock 1.3.5

    This simple to install program is designed to make PC's feel like a Mac

  • Free Launch Bar 1.0
    Free Launch Bar

    A free and customizable launch bar utility for the Windows platform

  • OblyTile 0.9.1

    Easy to use program that easily creates Windows 8 tiles

  • Pokki Start Menu 260.11.291
    Pokki Start Menu

    Provides a start menu for Windows 8 operating system

  • Task Killer 2.30
    Task Killer

    Swiftly "kill" applications that are bogging down your computer

  • SuperF4 1.4

    Software designed to kill unwanted processes on PC systems by using Windows-F4 instead of Ctrl-Alt-Delete

  • Remove Watermark 0.8
    Remove Watermark

    Simple watermark removal tool that works on a variety of media formats