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  • Sonic Dash for Windows 8
    Sonic Dash for Windows 8

    Sonic Dash includes many new features and updated graphics to enjoy hours of fun gameplay

  • Transformice 1.19

    Transformice is a free online strategy game, featuring cute mice and surprisingly deep strategy elements

  • Limbo 1.7

    A tense puzzle platformer with horrifying atmosphere focused on a child looking for his sister

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary
    Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Special 10th anniversary edition that is a must for any true fan

  • Sonic World (Fan Game) release-5
    Sonic World (Fan Game)

    Customize the challenging game world of Sonic the Hedgehog with unique levels and vibrant graphics

  • Temple Run: Oz for Windows 10
    Temple Run: Oz for Windows 10

    Temple Run: Oz is a popular racing game for Windows 10 that takes place in the magic realm of Oz

  • Sonic Dash for Windows 10
    Sonic Dash for Windows 10

    SEGA's behind-the-back edition of their infamous running franchise showcasing iconic characters and Temple Run mechanics

  • Sonic Generations
    Sonic Generations

    New game update that offers more colorful characters and scenarios

  • Sonic Heroes trial-version
    Sonic Heroes

    Install this popular game on any PC or laptop in seconds

  • Madagascar 2
    Madagascar 2

    Hilarious comedy movie that is kid-friendly and funny for adults too