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  • Google Gmail Gadget
    Google Gmail Gadget

    Get a useful email tool to check your Gmail directly through the Google website

  • Outlook on Desktop 4.0.178
    Outlook on Desktop

    Access Microsoft's email client on desktop at the press of a button

  • Google Calendar Sync
    Google Calendar Sync

    Synchronize alarms and booked appointments for your busy schedule

  • Gmail Notifier 1.0.81
    Gmail Notifier

    Creates personalized alerts for new emails received via Google's email platform

  • Microsoft Pro Photo Shoot
    Microsoft Pro Photo Shoot

    A simple plugin to integrate your photo shoots with Outlook

  • SendBlaster Sendblaster 3.1.6

    Never experience email mix-ups again -- keep track of who sends what

  • Atomic Mail Sender 8.19
    Atomic Mail Sender

    An email client that's specific to Windows that makes sending mail a whole lot easier

  • Gammadyne Mailer 59
    Gammadyne Mailer

    Triple-pronged email marketing program that automates advertising via stress-free batch correspondences, list updates and responses

  • Xobni 2.0.1

    Email search plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that improves organization and accessibility for the messaging app

  • SMS Control Center 7.5.9
    SMS Control Center

    A program that syncs a mobile phone to a computer for texting