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  • On-Screen Keyboard Portable 2.1
    On-Screen Keyboard Portable

    Use this application to be able to type things with only your mouse

  • KeyTweak 2.3.1

    Free mapping programs for Windows 2000 and up allows complete one-click keyboard customization and reconfiguration

  • Google Input Tools for PC
    Google Input Tools for PC

    A virtual word processor that allows users to type in multiple languages and special characters

  • SharpKeys 3.9

    An application for Windows that allows the reassignment of keyboard keys and functionality

  • KeyMapper 1.0

    Free tool that enables custom keyboard configurations

  • XuMouse 3.6

    A simple piece of software that lets you automate your mouse's clicks and movements

  • Key Remapper
    Key Remapper

    This program allows you to completely modify all of your computer buttons

  • Free Auto Clicker 5.3.1
    Free Auto Clicker

    A free software that allows users to program click automation to complete tedious and repetitive task

  • X-Mouse Button Control 2.19.2
    X-Mouse Button Control

    A program that allows a high degree of customization for your mouse functions

  • Free Virtual Keyboard 5.0
    Free Virtual Keyboard

    No cost data entry tool for Windows devices with touchscreens