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  • PC Tattletale 10.14
    PC Tattletale

    See What Your Kids Do ONLINE

  • PC Desktop Spy Keylogger 3.31
    PC Desktop Spy Keylogger

    Learn what your children are doing on their computers, or on your computer, with this program

  • eMonit Employee Monitor
    eMonit Employee Monitor

    An easy-to-use application for monitoring employees and improving their productivity

  • SpyPal 11.110

    Keeps track of every keystroke and interaction on your computer

  • REFOG Keylogger
    REFOG Keylogger

    Know what your loved ones are viewing on the Internet, 24/7

  • Desktop Shark Keylogger and PC Monitoring 3.01
    Desktop Shark Keylogger and PC Monitoring

    PC monitoring tool that records keystrokes, screenshots and search history

  • Power Spy 11.79
    Power Spy

    Keep a close tab on whatever is happening on your computer

  • Pass Keylogger 5.3
    Pass Keylogger

    Arrange all functioning keylogs into a succinct interface for secure program access

  • System Surveillance Pro 8.2
    System Surveillance Pro

    Monitoring application for recording all computer activity

  • Kidlogger 5.6.7

    Key-logging security software for parents to fully track their children's computer activity with thorough documentation