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  • Snap Camera 1.10.0
    Snap Camera

    Bring the Snapchat mobile app directly to your desktop PC with this new Windows download

  • IMVU 539.4

    Create animated logos and avatars to enhance online interaction

  • Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 2.1.4623
    Facebook Messenger for Windows 7

    A desktop application giving users access to Facebook Messenger and all of its current features

  • Twitter for Windows 8
    Twitter for Windows 8

    Desktop version that is optimized for speed and minimal resource usage

  • WeChat for Windows 10
    WeChat for Windows 10

    Windows-based, English-language version of China's most popular chat app

  • ICQ 10.0.40338

    Use ICQ to communicate with individuals and social networking platforms via text and video chat

  • TextNow

    Software offering web-based text messaging and calling plans for mobile phone users

  • QQ Messenger 2.11
    QQ Messenger

    Instant messenger with built in features such as video calls and translation

  • Skype Lite Client 1.1.6
    Skype Lite Client

    With the Skype Lite client you can enjoy the upgrades for video conferencing and more

  • QQ

    An instant messaging service that offers cross-platform connectivity allowing users to communicate across a number of different applications