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  • Pizza Frenzy trial
    Pizza Frenzy

    A fun single-player pizza delivery video game with a sense of humor

  • ShellShock Live 2016
    ShellShock Live

    Blast your friends with over 200 weapons including tanks, fireworks and nukes

  • Burger Shop
    Burger Shop

    Start your own restaurant and see if you can keep up with the insane demand

  • Cooking Dash 2.0
    Cooking Dash

    This game has you prepare food while also attending to customers and cleaning up afterward

  • Cooking Academy
    Cooking Academy

    A fun cooking game with international recipes for kids and adults

  • Razer Comms 5.12.31
    Razer Comms

    Well-rounded voice chat software for gamers with VoIP support

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe
    RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe

    Enhanced edition of the game built around running amusement parks

  • Cake Mania
    Cake Mania

    Free puzzle game played online

  • Alien Shooter demo
    Alien Shooter

    PC video game about alien invasion with a "top down" shooting experience; multiple popular sequels and expansions available

  • Stand O' Food City: Virtual Frenzy
    Stand O' Food City: Virtual Frenzy

    Mix city building with restaurant ownership in this virtual feeding frenzy that merges Diner Dash with SimCity