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  • Core FTP Lite 2.2
    Core FTP Lite

    Easy to use FTP features for any small business - upgrade easily

  • WFTPD Server 3.23
    WFTPD Server

    A fast and powerful FTP server that's completely secure and reliable for everyday use

  • Secure FTP 2.5.21
    Secure FTP

    FTP client especially for SSL connections

  • ClassicFTP FTP Software 4.00
    ClassicFTP FTP Software

    Classic FTP free ftp client to view, edit, upload, download and delete files

  • Home FTP Server
    Home FTP Server

    A slim and light FTP server for Windows that's ideal for beginners in the genre

  • Tango FTP 1.0
    Tango FTP

    An attractive easy-to-use FTP for beginners

  • TYPsoft FTP Server 1.08
    TYPsoft FTP Server

    Free and easy-to-use FTP Server

  • 32bit FTP 12.06.01
    32bit FTP

    Windows Socket FTP client program to transfer files over the Internet

  • Telnet Ftp Server 1.0
    Telnet Ftp Server

    Access any nearby internet server without risking damage

  • AutoFTP

    AutoFTP is the best FTP Client in the world; better than the best setting a new standard for FTP Clients