Windows > Downloading software
Windows > Downloading software
  • uTorrent Alpha 3.4.30219
    uTorrent Alpha

    Free BitTorrent client that you can use on Windows, works with all torrent links

  • Free Facebook Video Downloader 1.7.2
    Free Facebook Video Downloader

    Free software that allows you to download and convert a Facebook video to view offline

  • Free Download Manager 1
    Free Download Manager

    Download and convert files to new formats simultaneously and then manage them in convenient folders

  • Free Dailymotion Download
    Free Dailymotion Download

    Enjoy your favorite videos from Dailymotion offline, for free

  • WGET 1.11.4

    Useful file retrieving application that relies on common web protocols to restore lost components

  • BitTorrent 8.0

    A download that allows users to safely download torrents of their choice at amazing speeds

  • Allavsoft

    A useful tool that allows users to convert F4F, FLV and F4V files to MP4, AVI and more

  • BitTorrent Live 0.4.6
    BitTorrent Live

    A new way to quickly, easily and safely download all of your favorite torrent files

  • Getleft 1.2

    A Free Downloading program for Windows

  • BitThief 0.5.0

    A free app for Windows