Windows > Development software
  • FluidSIM 5.6a

    A development and IT program that teaches users about a litany of different circuit types

  • Vysor Android Control on PC 3.1.4
    Vysor Android Control on PC

    A software program that allows you to use Android applications on a Windows system

  • PC Building Simulator 1.0
    PC Building Simulator

    Become a multi-tasking tech guru in this fun simulator that allows you to build computers

  • Lichess varies-with-device

    An online chess server where you can test your skills against AI or other players

  • GitHub for Windows 1.0
    GitHub for Windows

    Offers you access to the GitHub developer and creators community directly from your desktop

  • iCloud Remover Tool 1.0
    iCloud Remover Tool

    A simple tool to remove an iCloud account from an iPhone or iPad in minutes

  • Waifu2x varies-with-device

    Photography software designed to enhance the artistry of anime images via noise reduction and scaling

  • Scptoolkit varies-with-device

    An input driver for Windows that allows users to play games online with a PlayStation controller

  • C++Builder

    Developers and IT professionals may be interested in this free Windows software development program

  • Delphi 10.3

    Freelance coders and other specialists will appreciate this free IDE software for the Windows OS