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  • MATLAB R2020a

    Create and edit a variety of technical documentation including graphs and charts

  • Unreal Development Kit
    Unreal Development Kit

    Software for any projects that require real world physics data

  • Intel® Media SDK 2013 2013
    Intel® Media SDK 2013

    A Windows application that actually allows users to plan and build their own unique applications

  • Intel Media Server Studio 2015
    Intel Media Server Studio

    Use this software to improve media performance on Windows devices that have Intel chips

  • XLOGO 0.9.93

    Logo interpreter written in Java, with Spanish interface

  • FMSLogo 6.35.0

    A program that combines a variety of academic disciplines for teachers and students alike

  • VertrigoServ 2.58

    Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLiteManager & PHPMyAdmin in one click

  • Lazarus 0.9.32

    Class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi

  • Free Pascal (FPK Pascal) 2.0.4
    Free Pascal (FPK Pascal)

    Professional Pascal compiler

  • Arduino IDE 1.8.12
    Arduino IDE

    Arduino IDE is a coding software that aims to make computer programming more accessible and convenient