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  • Genymotion 3.1.2

    Simple but powerful emulator that does not require a lot of configuration

  • MSWLogo 6.5b

    Interpreter language based on Logo

  • Game Maker 8.1
    Game Maker

    Creates fun challenges that work across platforms

  • StarUML 5.02

    An open source project to develop UML/MDA platform running on Win32's platform.

  • Resource Hacker 5.1.7
    Resource Hacker

    Freeware that allows users to view, modify, rename, add, delete, and extract resources from Windows executable

  • ArgoUML 0.35.1

    An open source program that allows users to create complex and professional diagrams on desktop devices

  • Cygwin 3.1.6

    Windows command line that integrates popular Linux commands

  • Enterprise Architect 6.5.797
    Enterprise Architect

    Globally equipped Windows ME IT oversight software from Sparx Systems with expansive coding language support

  • Python 3.9.0

    An efficient programming language that utilizes highly readable code

  • Construct 2
    Construct 2

    Find out how games are developed with this easy to use development program that requires no previous experience