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  • Super Copy Paste 3.2
    Super Copy Paste

    Gives you a history of any time you cut or want to save a snippet of text

  • ClipX

    Increases storage for users clipboard as well as saving multiple clips in a history log

  • CLCL 2.1.1

    Nakka's lightweight clipboard expansion software designed for Windows ME to enhance copying and pasting functions

  • Giant Multifunctional Clipboard giant-multifunctional-clipboard-1.22
    Giant Multifunctional Clipboard

    Multifunctional clipboard manages that saves all information that is copied onto the clipboard

  • Quick Multi-Copy 1
    Quick Multi-Copy

    Remember last 10 items you have copied. You can paste them with the keys F1-F10

  • AutoClip 1.0

    A much safer and more functional Clipboard

  • ArsClip 5.31

    Free clipboard manager

  • AutoClipX

    Automatically copy selected text

  • PhraseExpress 15.0.70

    Insert frequently-used text automatically

  • M8 Multi Clipboard 23.08
    M8 Multi Clipboard

    Copy up to 25 clips to the clipboard