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  • Battery Optimizer
    Battery Optimizer

    Useful power management tool that can extend the life of batteries

  • Smarter Battery 6.0
    Smarter Battery

    Optimizes how your mobile device draws power from its battery

  • Asus Ai Charger 1.03.00
    Asus Ai Charger

    Allow your mobile devices to charge faster from computerized energy

  • Battery Life Maximizer 3.3.6
    Battery Life Maximizer

    Enables more efficient power saving protocols to extend power

  • Battery Analyzer 1.3
    Battery Analyzer

    A great tool that will inform you of the potency and life of your battery

  • Battery Doubler 1.2.1
    Battery Doubler

    Get more out of your backup power with this easy to set up program

  • BatteryBar 3.6.1

    Understand your battery's current status--never lose precious power

  • BatteryCare

    Improve your PC’s battery life

  • BattCursor 1.2

    Stay aware of your laptop's battery status

  • BATExpert

    Allow your battery to run efficiently for your computer