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  • GS Auto Clicker 3.1.4
    GS Auto Clicker

    Time saving mouse clicking automation software tool

  • TinyTask 1.45

    Small, quick, and easy automation of your PC actions

  • Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.6.0
    Jitbit Macro Recorder

    Records keystrokes, mouse recorder and editor

  • RunAsDate 1.10

    Freeware enabling the user to run any Windows application using the time and date stamp of their choice

  • Auto-Clicker 2

    Free app for Windows 7 and up speeds mouse operation for faster response while gaming

  • Contacts Converter 1
    Contacts Converter

    Contacts converter makes it easy to convert your contacts from one messaging service to another.

  • Cok Free Auto Typer 3.0
    Cok Free Auto Typer

    Automated typing program for Windows

  • Mouse Recorder Pro
    Mouse Recorder

    Record and track mouse movements with this simple utility

  • MacroMaker

    Automate those repetitive and tedious tasks to save you time and energy with this program

  • Texter 0.2

    Lifehacker's text-based program designed to automatically interpret common abbreviations for instantaneous replacement within writing compositions