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  • Tunatic 1.0.1

    Music software that can identity unnamed songs and their files

  • Epson Print and Scan 1.1.1
    Epson Print and Scan

    Multimedia audio software for Windows to print and scan photos

  • Dolby Access 1.2.140
    Dolby Access

    Dolby Access allows you to easily customize the audio settings on your Windows 10 device to take advantage of the full scope of Dolby's audio technology

  • 3D Builder varies-with-device
    3D Builder

    Popular in India, 3D builder is a free software that allows users to build and design 3D structures

  • Sound Lock 1.3.1
    Sound Lock

    Free Windows software that allows users to lock, adjust and optimize the audio on their devices

  • Sound Control 2.15
    Sound Control

    This mixer is a great replacement for the basic Windows mixer and comes with a variety of options

  • Praat 6.1.16

    Analyze spectrograms and learn a lot about linguistics with this free and unique Windows program

  • Free Music Player - Mixi.DJ 1
    Free Music Player - Mixi.DJ

    Various free apps and trials to make everything from video creation to data processing easier

  • MPC HC 1.7.13
    MPC HC

    This open-sourced Windows media player lets you watch videos, play audio and change the programming

  • Movie Maker Free Video Editor 2019
    Movie Maker Free Video Editor

    Take your home videos and edit them like the pros with this easy to use program