Mac > Security & Privacy
  • SuperDuper! 3.3.1

    Backs up files and recovers those that need to be seen again

  • NordVPN 4.8.7

    Hide your internet activity from cyber criminals and companies by tunneling it through remote servers

  • TrueCrypt 7.1

    Encrypt files so that they aren't accessible

  • VyprVPN for Mac
    VyprVPN for Mac

    Improve your browsing security by channeling your activity through a remote and virtual private network

  • ReiBoot for Mac 7.3.6
    ReiBoot for Mac

    A utility for Mac that helps you diagnose and resolve problems with a connected iPhone

  • VPN Proxy Master 2.3
    VPN Proxy Master

    Protect your identity from prying eyes by tunneling your web browsing activity through a virtual private network

  • Avast Mac Security 13.2
    Avast Mac Security

    Simple virus checker for Macs

  • BackTrack 5.3.1

    A Mac utility that allows you to log all the text typed into any application

  • Surfshark VPN for Mac 2.0.2
    Surfshark VPN for Mac

    Keeps you safe online by encrypting all your browsing activity so that no one can spy on your

  • PureVPN Software 5.3.0
    PureVPN Software

    Fast and cross platform VPN surfing