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  • AnyDesk 5.6.0

    Safe, free remote desktop software

  • TeamViewer 15.10.6

    Utilize this program to share the content of your Mac screen with other viewers

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 10.3.8
    Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

    Control a Windows environment from any Mac computer with this officially supported software extension

  • Chrome Remote Desktop 1.9.1271.42
    Chrome Remote Desktop

    Allows control for more than one monitor

  • AnyDesk 2.6.1

    Access your Macintosh desktop from a remote computer easily and securely through a dedicated hosting platform

  • AirDroid Desktop 3.2.0
    AirDroid Desktop

    Useful and effective remote management for Android phones with remote control and remote vision capabilities

  • Teleport 1.1.1

    A remote access tool that lets users control multiple Mac desktops or laptops with a single mouse

  • Synergy 4.5.2

    A tiny and minute application for OS X that adds music controls to the desktop's main dashboard

  • JollysFastVNC 1.38

    A comprehensive remote desktop app and VNC service for Apple devices

  • Chicken of the VNC 2.0
    Chicken of the VNC

    Standard Virtual Network Computing app produced by Geekspiff that enables remote access of Mac computers