Mac > Development & IT
  • AnyDesk 5.6.0

    Safe, free remote desktop software

  • Xcode 10.1

    Developer tool that allows users to code software applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad

  • Scratch 3.18.1

    A creative software program for Macs that creates visual stories, games, or extended animations


    Add a whole host of math functions to your programs with one of the most popular Python libraries

  • Code::Blocks 13.12

    This internal development environment is open source, free to use, and supports a few different languages

  • MAMP 6.1

    A tool for web deployment that lets you install Apache, PHP and MySQL directly onto your Mac on a local server

  • SQLiteManager 3.8.0

    A management tool for manipulating, exporting, importing, and managing the SQL based databases for a website

  • Sublime Text 3.3126
    Sublime Text

    A smart but streamlined text editor designed for programmers that's compatible with a variety of different languages

  • Komodo Edit 12.0.1
    Komodo Edit

    A cross platform programming environment that's responsive and flexible to the needs of a variety of different developers

  • NetBeans 6.9

    This integrated development environment is recognized as one of the best options around for Java programmers