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  • Gang Beasts 0.4.1
    Gang Beasts

    Create a monster character to fight against others online or against the computer

  • Screen Snake 5.3
    Screen Snake

    Try to grow by consuming dots without getting consumed by other characters

  • Happy Wheels
    Happy Wheels

    Several levels of racing with a bit of darker humor

  • Mari0 1.6

    A fan made side scroller game that mashes together the popular Mario franchise with the physics puzzles of Portal

  • Hotline Miami
    Hotline Miami

    A retro top down action game with puzzle elements with a violent neon 1980s aesthetic

  • Chicken Invaders 5 Mac 5.00
    Chicken Invaders 5 Mac

    A shooting game that pits players against a diverse army of militant chickens from space

  • Lemmings 1.4.2a

    Lead your lemmings to safety with this classic puzzle game for Macs ported by Lemmings Universe

  • The Expendabros 1.0
    The Expendabros

    Exbrosive action

  • SuperTux 0.1.3

    SuperTux is a side-scrolling graphic adventure that gives gamers the power to play as Tux the Penguin

  • Shovel Knight 1.2.3A
    Shovel Knight

    A modern take on 8-bit platforming games with charming characters and a unique story