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  • bvpn 1.7.0

    Modern iElement upgrade that circumvents firewalls and mitigates regional restrictions by allocating European IP addresses

  • Avast Mac Security 13.2
    Avast Mac Security

    Free to use and powerful antivirus software made to run on Mac OS X

  • Tor 9.5

    A toolset for analyzing your wireless network activity and identifying a variety of potential threats

  • Hotspot Shield Elite 4.18.3
    Hotspot Shield Elite

    Online privacy tool that masks your true location and encrypts all data sent and received

  • Dashlane 1.3

    Password management program for macOs that includes secure vault, generation, and auto login to websites

  • Spotflux

    A platform that allows you to browse the web securely and removes pesky advertisements in the process

  • Freenet 0.7.5

    An application that allows you to anonymously access websites on the dark web

  • Your Freedom 20140225
    Your Freedom

    Anti-censorship app for Mac that enables unrestricted web access via subscriptions to anonymous privacy tunnels

  • Avast Mac Security 13.2
    Avast Mac Security

    Simple virus checker for Macs

  • Qustodio 180.11.667.0

    What are your kids doing online?