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  • Blue Skin Keyboard 1.7
    Blue Skin Keyboard

    Because smartphones are meant to be fun, we are very excited to present our latest theme: BLUE SKIN KEYBOARD!

  • Blue Keyboard Theme 1.4
    Blue Keyboard Theme

    We have a glowing delight for your smartphone: Blue Keyboard Theme!

  • Blue Keyboard Glass 1.7
    Blue Keyboard Glass

    Beacuase we know you love blue, we are very excited to present our latest theme: BLUE KEYBOARD GLASS!

  • Blue Keyboard 1
    Blue Keyboard

    Simple yet beautiful American Keyboard theme. Enjoy!

  • Blue Keyboard 1.7
    Blue Keyboard

    We know you are serious about your smartphone appearance, that is why we are in a hurry to bring you our latest release: BLU

  • Blue Glow Keyboard 1.7
    Blue Glow Keyboard

    Our talented designers came up with another theme we are very excited to present: BLUE GLOW KEYBOARD!

  • Black Swan Keyboard 1.9
    Black Swan Keyboard

    If you are into elegant and sophisticated things, you should try our new theme BLACK SWAN KEYBOARD!

  • Black Red Keyboard 1.7
    Black Red Keyboard

    Our very creative designers came up with a brand new keyboard theme, especially for you: BLACK RED KEYBOARD!

  • Black Color Keyboard 2.1
    Black Color Keyboard

    We are very happy to bring you our latest theme: BLACK COLOR KEYBOARD!

  • Black Box Theme 1.3.2
    Black Box Theme

    Unlock streamlined visual presentations on Android with this stylish organization utility from ABC Launcher Team